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About Vita Nova
Reproduction Center

Vita Nova Reproduction Center was created in partnership by Kindra Rader-Garcia for the purpose of providing access within the equine industry to advanced assisted reproductive techniques. Mrs. Garcia has been actively involved in support roles relating to advanced assisted reproductive technologies for over 10 years. She has been formally trained in Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Embryo vitrification, Embryo and Oocyte manipulation and culture in that time frame. Kindra has also been recognized in multiple research publications and has several first-author book chapters.


With a passion for dedicated and personalized service and an intense appreciation for attention to detail, Mrs. Garcia works tirelessly to ensure that each individual case received at Vita Nova is given the best opportunity for success. Having been a small breeder herself, Kindra appreciates the challenges that all breeders go through on a yearly basis and values the importance of providing quality service and care. 

Our facility is located out of Dr. Pat Garrett's Southern Equine Associates!

Located just down the road from us, Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital is an exceptional choice to book your mares for oocyte aspiration. We are happy to drop off and pick up with them at no additional cost to you!

Select Breeders Southwest has teamed with Weems & Stephens to offer diversified services out of the same facility! This makes coordination for frozen semen pickup and return on stallions stored with Select much easier for ICSI mare owners! We also appreciate having a safe, monitored storage facility just down the road for long-term storage of your frozen ICSI embryos. 

For Frozen Embryo storage at SBSW: click here

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